Historical Dictionary of the Kurds. .

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  • Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran — (KDPI)    The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) originally simply called the Kurdish Democratic Party was established by Qazi Muhammad in September 1945, as he moved to proclaim the shortlived Mahabad Republic of Kurdistan on 22 January… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • HISTORICAL BACKGROUND — The origin of the Kurds is uncertain, although some scholars believe them to be the descendants of various Indo European tribes, which settled in the area as long as 4,000 years ago. The Kurds themselves claim to be the descendants of the Medes… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • Iran —    As one of the four main states (Turkey, Iraq, and Syria are the other three) in which historical Kurdistan lies, Iran and its predecessor the Persian Empire have always played a most prominent role in Kurdish affairs. Much of the competition… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • Komala —    1) (1942 1945)    Komala (Committee) was the name of a political party Iranian Kurds formed in September 1942 in Mahabad, Iran. Its complete name in Kurdish was Komalay Jiyanaway Kurd (J.K.), or Committee for the Revival of the Kurds, so the… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • Kurd — /kerrd, koord/; Pers. /koohrddd/, n. a member of an Islamic people speaking Kurdish and dwelling chiefly in Kurdistan. [1610 20] * * * Member of an ethnic and linguistic group native to parts of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey (see Kurdistan). Kurds speak …   Universalium

  • Mohammad Boroujerdi — (محمد بروجردی) Nickname Kurdistan Messiah (مسیح کردستان) …   Wikipedia

  • Ghassemlou, Abdul Rahman — (1930 1989)    Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou was a leftist Iranian Kurdish intellectual who earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Prague and authored Kurdistan and the Kurds (1965). In 1971, he was elected the leader of the Kurdistan… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • Husseini, Sheikh Izziddin — (1921 )    As a religious liberal and a leftist more comfortable with the Marxist Komala than the moderate Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), the Iranian Kurd Sheikh Izziddin (Glory of Religion) made a most unconventional Sunni cleric.… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • Kurdistan Democratic Party — (KDP)    The preeminent Kurdish party in Iraq, the Kurdish Democratic Party (renamed Kurdistan Democratic Party in 1953 to indicate that it represented all the people in Iraqi Kurdistan, not just the Kurds), is essentially a nationalist and… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • Secession — (derived from the Latin term secessio) is the act of withdrawing from an organization, union, or especially a political entity. It is not to be confused with succession, the act of following in order or sequence.ecession TheoryMainstream… …   Wikipedia

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